Prairie Cottage Corner

Centered in the wheat country of West Central Washington State, Prairie Cottage Corner started from the love of art, sewing and Sunbonnet Sue. Since then it has grown beyond that into a full bloomed garden of home designed patterns for quilts and more including needle cases and dolls. Our patters are made to be as simple as possible so that Beginners can learn the nuances of applique' and piecing techniques, with as little frustration as possible. There is no one way to make these designs!

Our blog on Blogspot contains tutorials on technique as well as news from the heart of the home, inclusive of cooking! From there we run Prize Giveaways and give updates on new patterns coming up  as they bloom from the drawing board to publication. Also we have lots of pictures, including closeups and full quilt photos for your viewing delight! Please visit there and 'Follow' us!